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Goliath, meet David.

California is known across the world as a leader on equity, safety, justice - where the American Dream can be realized. In the wake of significant changes at the federal level, the nation - and the world - looks to California to lead now more than ever.

However, recent changes to California’s term limits, coupled with top-two primaries, have had a significant impact on the state’s legislature. This has created a new challenge for nonprofits, start ups, and small businesses – one that requires innovation, collaboration, as well as the education and engagement of elected officials, stakeholders, and the media.

That’s where we come in.

Corbin and Kaiser has a history of achieving victories for our clients – victories that improve the education, health, privacy and opportunities of all Californians. 

We are proven, trusted, and tenacious and our extensive knowledge of legislative, budgetary, and administrative processes, coupled with strong working relationships with key legislative leaders and organizations ensure our clients are best positioned to succeed.

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We have a national reputation for getting things done, against all odds. 

For over a decade, Corbin and Kaiser has cultivated a reputation as the premiere government and public affairs firm in California for serving consumer organizations, nonprofits, start ups and socially responsible businesses. 

We take on some of the most difficult issues that the legislature faces today. We work hard, and we win - with consistency. 

We have a passion for serving our clients through advocacy, coalition building, and public relations. With over 20 years of work in both government and public relations, our experience spans a broad variety of issues and allows us to provide a suite of services that maximizes organizational resources, increase growth, and ensure victory.

Let’s get across the finish line together. 

We will partner with you to identify needs, develop actionable strategies, and effectively implement solutions. We aren’t just consultants. We roll up our sleeves, and work side-by-side with you from strategy to victory.

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